2019 / 2020

Oct 2019
Dr Elton Barker
Geographies of ancient authors

Feb 2020
Prof Jonathan Harris
Anna Comnena & The Alexiad

May 2020
Dr Maria Pavlou
Socratic leisure vs Time is Money

Nov 2019
Prof Eleanor Dickey
Life in an ancient schoolroom

Mar 2020
Prof Robert Fowler Herculaneum and its Papyri

Jun 2020
Prof Janet Soskice
The Incredible Lady Bible Hunters

Jan 2020
Dr Maria Relaki
Excavations at Petra

Apr 2020
Prof Malcolm Heath
Who wrote on Sublimity?

2018 / 2019

Oct 2018
Dr Jonathan Musgrave
50 years a bone man

Feb 2019
Prof Patrick Finglass
A new papyrus of Sophocles

May 2019
Dr Antony Makrinos
Homer in Byzantium

Nov 2018
Prof Llewellyn-Jones
Greek ideas of Persian Dress

Mar 2019

Jun 2019
Prof Esther Eidinow
Exploring Odyssey II

Jan 2019
Dr Valasia Isaakidou
6000 years of farming on Crete

Apr 2019
Dr Howard Peacock
Jazz & the Homeric question

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