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The Bristol Anglo Hellenic Cultural Society began life in 1987 and celebrates Greek Language and Culture, its Art and its People, Learning and Science from ancient times to the present day and its influences on Western Civilisation. 

The monthly meetings in the Arts Complex of Bristol University cover a wide range of topics from academic subjects to holidays in Greece and Cyprus and are always aimed at a general audience.  No knowledge of the Greek language Ancient or Modern is needed. All are welcome.

The Society welcomes existing and future links with similar societies and academic institutions (in particular the Department of Classics and Ancient History at Bristol University) as well as individuals with a common interest.

Anyone interested in joining the society or in giving a presentation or should contact the Programme or Membership Secretary or simply attend a meeting.

The Society makes regular donations to charities in Great Britain, Greece and Cyprus.

Professor Robert Fowler
Dr John Phillips
Dr Vassiliki Frangskou-Richardson
Mr Michael Richardson

Founder & Past President
Mrs Aglaia Hill

Past Presidents
Dr Rowena Fowler
Professor John Gould
Dr Gilbert Howe
Professor Christopher Rowe
Professor Peter Warren

Mr Stuart Derby

Programme Secretary
Dr Vassiliki Frangskou-Richardson

Membership Secretary
Pavlina Kofterou

Geoff Perriman

Archbishop Nikitas of Thyateira & Great Britain
Cyprus High Commissioner in Britain
His Excellency, Ambassador of Greece in London
Sir Michael Llewellyn-Smith KCVO

Letter from our Founder

Mrs Aglaia Hill, January 2011

Motto: by Plato The greatest blessings are given to us by an (inner drive) enthusiasm with the help of some holy grace.

My dream for founding The Bristol Anglo Hellenic Cultural Society for the Philhellenes in the city of Bristol became a reality back in the year 1987.

Officially, I have been a teacher, examiner, exams setter, N.A.T.O examiner, and interpreter of the Modem Greek language at all levels, since 1965. I have taught Greek in Adult Education Centres, Colleges and Universities in Bristol and Bath. I have even given crash courses in the Greek language for charity reasons to the people who supported the Primary School where I taught as a full time teacher for 13 years.

During the last 40 years I have organised, every year, many social and cultural events for my students, maintaining the authentic Greek flavour, such as music, dances, food, wine and the renown hospitality and flavour of Greece as much as I could possibly simulate them. Naturally I could not compete with all the Greek people’s warmth, vibrant hospitality, and the wonder of the varied beauty of the land, the sea and the sky. But deep down in my heart was my love and determination to present that which was in me having had the ardent help of my husband Alfy who with his love for Greece, his easy going manner and resilience to over come many difficulties and encouraged me.

However, not without the great help and support which I was so fortunate to have from so many true Philhellenes in this country who have really helped me along the way along. Culturally until that year I was fulfilling half of my dream, because my aim was to enhance and promote a Scholarly learned Knowledge and Information about the glorious Hellenic History, Culture, Art, Myths and Legends, in short, to promote Hellenism at its best, and to develop the social and cultural relations between the Greek and the British people.

In fact my aim was to share the appreciation for the highly regarded values of the country which gave birth and cradled our civilisation. But, primarily and above all, I wanted to encourage those who courageously became perpetual learners, to develop their thirst for learning through the Bristol Anglo Hellenic Cultural Society’s lectures, given by some of the most learned scholars of this country.

All BAHCS members know that our aim is to promote social and cultural relations between the Greek people and the British. We spread information about Greece and Cyprus and we encourage travel between the two countries. What’s more, we administer funds to charitable purposes here and abroad. Our cultural events include trips to museums and various places of cultural interest including traditional Greek Christian Orthodox Church activities.

At our monthly meetings on a Wednesday night, which are held at the University of Bristol, 3-5 Woodland Road, we are fortunate to have lectures given by renown personalities and academicians of excellence who are very honoured, as they say, to come and enlighten us with their Knowledge.

We also have highly valued News Reviews about Greece and Cyprus. Question time after each lecture is lead by our eminent Presidents, Vice Presidents and members which result in most stimulating discussions on the day’s topic, as listed in our Programme. The Buffet afterwards is the most successful social monthly event, which provides us with money for our charities.

Our success as a society depends on our hard working dedicated voluntary and excellent committee and our very special members who thirst for learning.

We thank the University of Bristol for opening its doors to this general public and to this Responsible group of people. Our Society’s hierarchy and Members including myself, with the vision on education and friendship for the year 2012 when we will be celebrating 25 years of our existence, are all looking forward to meeting a lot more new Member-Friends, so you will be welcomed.

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